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Twisted Funny Poems and Jokes


What is humorous about twisted funny poems? You know how sometimes even funny poems also get boring because it is cliche? Well, with twisted poems you will never stop laughing. These poems are unique, cute, and creative and out of the box.

Some twisted poems are rude and some are meant for adults. Some of them are simply hilarious and very funny. You can choose which type you like the best and find it easily here.

So here are the top twisted funny poetry for you to enjoy...

1. Twisted Funny Poem: Soaring Bird

A bird soaring high and high in the sky
As soon as I look in the sky
It craps in my eye...

By Lucas

2. Twisted Silly Poem: An Awful Poem

I wrote an awful poem,
It was bad in the extreme,
I showed it to my sister,
And it made my sister scream.

I gave it to my mother and she promptly flipped her slid,
My father blew a gasket
And my little brother hid.

I brough it with me
To school today,
My teacher nearly fainted
And my friends ran away.

I never knew how amazing it will be
It was just blast!
I'll make another one.

By Sandra R.

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3. Funny Twisted Poetry: Got a Problem?

Got a problem with me?
Go solve it.
Think im trippin?
Tie my shoes.
Cant stand me?
Sit down.
Cant face me?
Turn around.

By Corey Simmons

4. Twisted Silly Poem: Sisters Are Cool

Love is love
Hate is hate
I watch my sister masterbate.
Chips are chips
Bread is bread
Sometimes my sister gives me head.
Pop is pop
Spam is spam
I have my sister jacking off on cam.
Mom is mom
Dad is dad
They found this poem and got really mad.

by Mike

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