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Funny Rhyming Poems that Rhyme


Looking for funny rhyming poems that rhyme? Sometimes nothing is more humorous and even hilarious than some silly, stupid funny poems. These rhyming poems can be about all kinds of topics and they will make you laugh.

You can read these poems to your kids because children love rhymes, funny poems and stories. So you can entertain your kids and have fun yourself a well.

Also rhyming poems are a great funny gift for birthdays. So if it's your friend's birthday, you can use these cute rhyming poems to surprise your friend and make that day more fun and memorable.

Here are some of the top funny poems you can use for free. Feel free to share them with your friends too. Enjoy!

1. Funny Rhyming Poem: What Is Hairy and Hard?

Today on the way home
I just looked at my arm
I saw something very hairy
And oh it's getting hard

Then I was amazed to see
Looking at its every bounce
So what is the bag thingy
It's flopping all around

So what do you guess it was?
That is bouncing, hairy and hard...
Well if you guessed it correctly
It's a Spider on my arm.

By Ladan

2. Funny Poem that Rhymes: Childhood Friends

As childhood friends, we grew up together,
Swearing to be friends forever and ever.
Sometimes we would argue and fight,
Other times we would laugh and stay up all night.

We went from playing with games and toys,
To talking and dreaming about different boys.
My thoughts and feelings, to you I would confide,
Never having anything to hide.

Friends we do remain,
Things changing, and things staying the same.
To each other we still listen and share,
About each other, we will always care.

by Mindy Carpenter

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Enjoyed the above humorous funny poems? Then you can find even more free rhyming poems below. Choose any of them you find most interesting and feel free to share it with your friends to get a good laugh. Enjoy!


3. Funny Rhyme and Silly Poem: Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.

But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice. 

4. Funny Rhyming Poem: I Am So Lucky

Thank heavens your Mum met your Dad.
Thank heavens there was you.
I've never been so lucky, to know a soul so pure and true.
We share so much and I know for sure without you I'd be blue.
Here's to a happy birthday baby, I love you through and through!

We go together like peanut butter and jelly,
I even love your round little jolly belly.
I love being with you and just watching the telly,
or we could go out and find a good deli.

Out in this universe so bold and true,
how in the world did I meet someone like you.
You fit me so well that I definitely construe,
that I must have just ordered you from life's menu.

The flowers you brought me are sitting in the sink,
thank goodness you got the ones the really stink.
Every time I smell them they will make me think,
how wonderful you are and that we are in sync.

On one magical night not too long ago,
you and I met across a crowded room.
I said to myself it is time to forgo,
anyone else for my heart went zoom.

Once upon a time a girl met this guy,
oh and at first she was so very shy.
But the guy persisted until by and by,
he won over this girl and wondered why.
So he asked this question and she did sigh,
that she loved that his eyes mirrored the sky.

The day I met you the sun shone brighter,
now how could our love be any righter?
All your qualities from you being a fighter,
to knowing when the mood needs to be lighter,
mean so much to me and has made us tighter.

You are so unbelievably good to me,
that I fall deeper in love everyday.
Your so sweet you fit me to a tee,
I will just let you carry me away.

When I am with you love is on my mind,
I feel so safe and warm with you.
You have this charm and you are kind,
no wonder I feel a love that is so true.

My body feels love for you to such an extent,
that at times it truly make me feel all afire.
So I write this poem to make sure the message is sent,
I am going to make you mine that is what I aspire.

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