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Funny Friendship Poems for Friends


Why funny friendship poems for friends? You know how your true friends are always there for you and are a special part of your life. Well, using cute funny friendship poems is sometimes the best way to appreciate them and have fun together.

Friendship is something we can't really explain in words. That's why humorous poems are a great and funny way to show your friends they are special to you. You can use them in birthdays and other occasions.

Here are some funny poems about friendship and best friends that you can share and use for free. Enjoy!

1. Funny Friendship Poem: A Friend

A friend is someone who comes in the house without knocking..
A friend is someone who calls your mom his mom..
A friend is someone who eats all your food..
A friend well ask to borrow something and never give it back..
A friend can make you happy in a second when you are sad..
A friend could know what you'll say without saying anything..
A friend is someone who makes you laugh over the dumb things..
A friends is someone who tells you to come over and just chill and listen to music..
A friend would make a beat and you'll start dancing out of nowhere and wont judge you.
A friend is a friend.

by Anthony Matos

2. Funny Friendship Poem: You And Me

You and me
I know you are the angle
So, I saw year by year
Day by day
And Now, I even forget your like
Your pain and the strange smile
I hope you stand by me
Always, forever
You and me
Are the world

3. Funny Friends Poem: Story Of Two Friends

We grew apart
We drift away
And today we stand on separate ways
Ways that won't meet
Ways that won't cross
Ways that will take us further apart

The day u moved away
A part of me went away
It's difficult to imagine life without u
Best buddies that we were
I really wish it was for forever….
I wanted it to never change

But now that we have gone separate ways
I think it was a certain fate
No matter what the bygones say
You are my best friend
And will always remain

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4. Funny Friendship Poem: Our Friendship

Do you remember that day
We first met.
It was plain and simple
Our little conversation.
But then you left
Just walked out the door.

One day you came back
I said hello.
You looked at me and smiled
I still remember that smile.
We became closer friends
I secretly liked you.

After awhile we'd just sit there
I was shy.
There was nothing but silence
My heart was racing.
You told me that you liked me
But much more than just a friend.

5. Short Funny Poem: Be My Friend

Don't walk affront of me
Because I won't follow
Don't walk behind me
Because I won't lead
Walk beside me
And be my friend
Just because I don't see you
Often don't think that
I'm not there.
Because friends are like
Stars, you don't always see
Them, but you know
That there always there.

But then I realize
Not always.
And I start to wonder why.
Why my life went so wrong
When all I've done was
To follow my blood
I say to myself, why?
Why did my enemy become my best friend?
Why did my best friend become my enemy?
There's just a point in my life
When I don't know
What's going on?

When I started being myself
For once and everything's
Going wrong
I feel betrayed, backstab, unappreciated
By the one I really cared
My so called friend
That isn't really there.
I cried and wondered,
Thought about our friendship
And the horrible lies
That was speared beneath us.

But I shouldn't stress
Anymore because, I found the point
Of my life,
It shouldn't
Matter to me the lies that people make.
I should move on and worry
About bigger mistakes
I realize who mattered in my life
And who doesn't anymore
There's a reason why they didn't make it to my future.
So I stress no more.

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