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Funny Christmas Poems


Looking for funny Christmas poems and poetry? Christmas and the New Year holidays are the biggest holidays in the year. Christmas is the time to have fun, laugh, and enjoy your time with your family and loved ones. Using funny poems about it you can even enjoy it more.

Christmas poems are especially made to help you think of the humorous side of this holiday. There are many silly things happening around that makes you laugh and enjoy it all.

So here are the top cute funny Christmas poetry for all ages. Feel free to share them with your friends and family too. Enjoy!

1. Funny Christmas Poem: I Made Myself A Snowball

I made myself a snowball,
As perfect as could be,
I thought I'd keep it as a pet,
And let it sleep with me.

I made it some pajamas,
And a pillow for its head,
Then last night it ran away,
But first - it wet the bed!

by Shel Silverstein

2. Funny Christmas Poetry: All I Need To Know About Life Learned From A Snowman

It's okay if you're a little bottom heavy.
Hold your ground, even when the heat is on.
Wearing white is always appropriate.
Winter is the best of the four seasons.

It takes a few extra rolls to make a good midsection.
There's nothing better than a foul weather friend.
The key to life is to be a jolly, happy soul.
It's not the size of the carrot, but the placement that counts.

We're all made up of mostly water.
You know you've made it when they write a song about you.
Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!
Avoid yellow snow. Don't get too much sun.

It's embarrassing when you can't look down and see your feet.
It's fun to hang out in your front yard.
Always put your best foot forward.
There's no stopping you once you're on a roll.

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3. Funny Christmas Poem: Christmas Is Great But

Christmas is great but Everyone's insane
Going crazy with this stupid Christmas game
Wrapping gifts and cooking food
And no one has time there not in the mood

Giving gifts to one another
No one has time for me only my brother
No attention for me at all
I can't even go to the mall

It gets Christmas morning and what do I see
But a huge Christmas present under the tree.

4. Funny New Year Poem: Christmas Dog

Tonight's my first night as a watchdog,
And here it is Christmas Eve.
The children are sleeping all cozy upstairs,
While I'm guardin' the stocking's and tree.

What's that now - footsteps on the rooftop?
Could it be a cat or a mouse?
Who's this down the chimney?
A thief with a beard
And a big sack for robbin' the house?

I'm barkin', I'm growlin', I'm bitin' his butt.
He howls and jumps back in his sleigh.
I scare his strange horses, they leap in the air.
I've frightened the whole bunch away.

Now the house is all peaceful and quiet again.
The stockin's are safe as can be.
Won't the kiddies be glad when they wake up tomorrow
And see how I've guarded the tree.

by Shel Silverstein

Funny Christmas Poetry - Add More Fun to Your Holidays

Christmas and New Year holidays come every year, and sometimes we have a lack of fun, creative ideas how to enjoy it more this year. So how can you make your holidays more special this year.

Well, humorous funny poems for Christmas are the best idea. You can read it to your family when sitting around the Christmas tree in your warm home.

Here are more short funny poems for you to enjoy...

5. Funny Poem: Christmas Is for Kids?

There once was a little boy so small
he liked to make a lot of noise
And drove his parents up the wall
With all those kinds of toys

So they wouldn't let him have a drum
A whistle or a flute
They would only give him rubber toys
The kind you couldn't toot.

But Grand-paw had a sneaky side
A desire to get back at his son
for all the noise he had made
while still living under the gun

The day finally came when he got his chance
To even up the score
He wore a red suit and a long white beard
And knew the quiet would be no more

For it was Christmas morn and all were still asleep
except for Grand-paw and one little boy
who sneaked down the stairs and into the room
where the tree had a very special toy

It was wrapped in red paper and a big white bow
The anticipation was getting great
For everyone else would be up soon
And then it would be too late

So Grand-paw enticed the little boy
To open the present quick
for there inside was a big red drum
and one really big stick!


by Jack Mann

6. Funny Christmas Poem: The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen

The restroom door said Gentlemen
So I just walked inside
I took two steps and realized
I'd been taken for a ride

I heard high voices turned and found
The place was occupied
By two nuns, three old ladies, and a nurse
What could be worse?

Than two nuns, three old ladies and a nurse.
The restroom door said Gentlemen
It must have been a gag
As soon as I walked in there I ran into some old hag

She sprayed me with a can of mace
And snapped me with her bag.
I could tell this just wouldn't be my day
What can I say?

It just wasn't turning out to be my day.
The restroom door said Gentlemen
And I would like to find
The crummy little creep who had the nerve to switch the sign

Cause I've got two black eyes
And one high heel up my behind
Now I can't sit with comfort and joy
Boy, oh, boy
No, I'll never sit with comfort and joy.

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